Solidarity event for Rohingya Muslims – 15.9.2017

On Friday 15th September, we attended Stand Up to Racisms event in solidarity with the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

Our following statement was signed and handed to MP Toby Perkins on the night.

We watch on in horror at the humanitarian crisis currently unfolding in Myanmar. We must come together, people of all faiths, to denounce these terrible acts. There can be no place for this kind of anger, hatred, and violence. All acts of intolerance aimed at a religious community should find no place in our world. We call on our politicians to speak up on behalf of the Rohingya Muslims, and we call on our Religious leaders to condemn the violence, and call for unity and peace.

We must let our shared humanity unite us, and not allow our religious differences divide us.

You can read more about the event here: