Suzanne Martin


Well met! I’m a heathen, or follower of Asatru – I can use both terms, although I can appreciate that heathen may carry other connotations for you.

I’m an active supporter of the LGBT+ communities, and am passionate about interfaith work.  I believe that people of goodwill can come together and work for the betterment of all, finding commonalities, regardless of faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, political views, socio-economic status or any other perceived divisions.

I’d rather celebrate our differences than be afraid of them.



There’s one very common symbol for members of my faith, a mjolnir, or Thor’s hammer.  They can vary in design from simple to complex, some copy archaeological originals, some are modern designs, but most generally look something like the one below.  There are some other symbols that people may use, like a valknut, but the mjolnir tends to be the most common.

I’m currently the Lead UK Ambassador for TAC, or The Asatru Community, this means that I help members of the international TAC network, answer any questions and run events.  Toogether with Kate Martin, I run the Frithcast podcast, which are fortnightly episodes talking about heathenism in the modern day (mixed with geek references).  I am also an ordained Gytha, this means that I have been recognised by the community as someone who can officiate at ceremonies and rituals, and help people along their spiritual path.  Although I am recognised by the community, I, like many other spiritual leaders from other faiths, cannot undertake a ceremony and have it legally recognised under current English law.  This means that ceremonies such as namings, weddings and funerals all have to have a state officiated part which allows them to be legally recognised.  This is usually in a seperate event to the spiritual occasion.


Questions?  You’re welcome to send me an email on the contact us page.