Mission Statement and Intentions

  • *Faith – In the context of Chesterfield Interfaith Forum the term “Faith” is used in the wider sense to cover all faiths, religions, philosophies, and systems of belief. It also includes atheism, or non-belief. 

    The mission of the Mission of Chesterfield Interfaith Forum is to promote good relationships between people of faith*.

  • Further to the mission set out above, the aims & objectives of the organisation are:
  • (a) To provide a warm, welcoming, respectful, and nurturing community for people of goodwill from all spiritual, religious, and non-religious paths.

    (b) To share our faith, and celebrate our diversity, not to convince or convert but in realisation of our common humanity.

    (c) To foster and encourage cooperation, and communication between similar organisations, societies, institutions, and local authorities, and to represent the views of members of the organisation.

    (d) To offer an inclusive community that acts as agents of good works in the local community, and the rest of the UK.

    (e) To provide a support network for individuals, organisations, and communities facing discrimination because of their faith.

    (f) To provide a forum for open dialogue between individuals, organisations, and communities on issues relating to faith.

    (g) To work with local educators to widen public awareness of the distinctive religious, and philosophical traditions in the UK.

    (h) To offer opportunities for engagement between faith communities, the local council, and other public agencies on relevant issues.